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Chapter 10

  • Ji-a's POV
  • As Lee Chun wheeled me away out of the hospital compound to his parked beautiful vehicle just at the front my heart was beating really fast. I was scared to death even though I am pretending not to be, wearing a mask of confidence and fearlessness, but the truth was that I am really scared inside. I don't know who this Lee Chun guy really is, how can I live with him then?
  • I had agreed to stay with his friend Byung-ho who seemed more of a better person than this Lee-Jerk of a guy till my legs were healed up but then Byung-ho all of a sudden changed what we had agreed upon and now I will be living with Lee Chun!
  • If I had a choice I wouldn't go with him because I don't like him one bit, he seems like a real pervert.
  • I mean who tries to kiss a total stranger? A total stranger you hospitalized because of your careless, reckless driving.
  • He deserved the slap I gave to him, no one has ever kissed me and my first kiss won't most certainly come from a big head pervert like him...
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