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Chapter 9

  • Chapter Nine
  • Riana walked into the small jet and stopped at the door. She leaned forward and peeped inside. It was small. Really small. Claustrophobic small!
  • She’d only been on a plane three times. Once when she flew to Florida to bury her mother, then to Washington to say goodbye to her brother when he was deported, and finally back to New York and to her lonely, family-less life.
  • Oh Mama, I miss you so much. Reno, I wish I’d gone home with you. Riana batted her lashes rapidly to hold the tears back.
  • Reno had her sell everything they’d owned to afford the funeral and the rest was used on air fare and living expenses for her. The little possessions that were too sentimental to sell Riana kept in her apartment—well, not her apartment anymore. Loraine promised to pack up her stuff and move them to Riana’s new home before the end of the month, in case Steve and Claire decided to pawn them for rent.
  • “Hello, I’m Gina, and welcome aboard. Please take your seat. I’ll bring you some refreshments before takeoff.” The flight attendant said with a sweet, polite voice and a perfect, red smile on her face.
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