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Chapter 4

  • Chapter Four
  • Allan watched Riana’s back as she ran away. He chuckled. The bold, slight girl who’d barricaded the door to keep him out now ran like the devil was nipping at her heels.
  • When he’d first seen her crying, he was ready to walk right past her. But the way she had forcefully wiped her face dry, a new determination mirroring on her face, he’d just had to go and congratulate her on being the first female he’d met who hadn’t acted like the world was over after catching her boyfriend cheating.
  • And it was quite obvious she’d caught her boyfriend cheating on her. If it had been just an ordinary break up, she would have looked different. He’d watched his baby sister move from one break up to another, all for different reasons, and that made him an expert on ‘Breakup Body Language.’
  • But when he’d seen her brown eyes, with faint strokes of green in them, staring up at him like he was a world wonder, he was hooked. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from the color play in hers. And when she’d sighed it took all he’d had not to laugh and press her against the wall with his body.
  • Allan wasn’t vain but he’d seen the common effect of his appearance on her face and if he wanted to capitalize on it, like he occasionally did, it wouldn’t have been very difficult. Her breakup and her obvious attraction to him would have made her easy prey.
  • But he wasn’t that much of an asshole to hurt her even more. Maybe another woman, sure, but not her. So he’d dropped his hand from her chin and took a step back to take a good look at her. She’d been about a foot shorter than he was; he could see the crown of her head, covered in wavy black-brown hair held back with a hair tie. He’d liked how her ponytail was border line unruly, thick, big, and frizzy. That only reinforced his theory that she was half black and half something else. Probably Caucasian. He’d dated women of all races and knew all their secrets. Especially when it came to hair. He’d looked down at her body. The waiter’s uniform had done him the biggest favor by wrapping her tight in all the right places. She’d had curves that’d made his mouth water and a specific part of his body tighten ready to be milked. He’d taken a step forward, and she had responded by taking a step back, her back pressed against the wall like he’d wanted to do before. If it wasn’t for the startled look in her eyes, he would have acted on his desire to seduce her and pressed his body against hers trapping her even more. He’d leaned down, just to tease her and he spoke, though he wasn’t sure what he’d said. All his attention was on her lower lip that slowly slid out of her mouth and the tip of her tongue that’d peeked out, tempting him to catch it with his teeth.
  • Right before he could do just that, her friend had appeared breaking the spell. He’d rushed off only to be tracked down by her friend—Loraine. The threat she’d issued—‘Don’t play around with Riana or you’ll deal with me’—had made him laugh and come to respect Loraine. Her loyalty, aided by her last name, had made him take Loraine seriously. He’d promised to stay away from her and asked if she’d seen his girlfriend Theresa.
  • He hadn’t understood why Theresa was hiding away when she was the one who’d not only dragged him to the auction but had volunteered him as one of the men to be auctioned off—him and a two week trip to Venice paid by him. That he had minded. Donating money to the cancer foundation he hadn’t minded at all. After losing his mother to breast cancer and his father to pancreatic cancer, he was ready to give as much as he could in the fight to finding a cure.
  • He hadn’t taken the test yet because he was afraid he might have the cancer gene. Melody, his baby sister, had already taken the test and she was in the clear. The doctor had said the odds were one to two or none at all. Melody was clear which left him, the one out of the two.
  • “Allan…honey?”
  • Theresa’s voice brought him out of his thoughts and he quickly turned to her. She’d fixed her clothes quicker than it usually took her when she was bent over his desk, her ass in the air and her legs wide apart in invitation. And if he remembered correctly, she never had to give him directions on how to fuck her. Neither did she recover so quickly.
  • His eyes shifted to Michael. His new employee was just fresh out of college. Working for Sinclair Enterprise was a ‘once in a life time opportunity,’ as Michael had put it. Allan had appreciated his enthusiasm and eagerness that he did one thing he never ever did—he employed an infant. He was now fumbling with his pants as he hurried to zip them up. A young, inexperienced graduate. What else did Theresa expect?
  • “Michael. Theresa.”
  • “Mr. Sinclair,” Michael squeaked.
  • Allan scoffed and shook his head. How could he have been so wrong about this kid? He would never survive in his business. If Michael couldn’t face him boldly with confidence even after he’d been caught shagging the boss’s girlfriend by his boss, how was he going to survive the takeover Allan had planned in Venice?
  • Allan had invited Michael to Venice to try him out with a chain of hotel he wanted to take over. A good working experience for the kid, and it also would have freed up more time for Theresa. She’d nagged him long enough about his long work schedule and the month he needed to be in Venice would have dealt with that.
  • But oh no, Michael was too busy attending to Theresa’s needs to even think about how he was screwing himself over. And Theresa, well, she no longer had a reason to nag him. Michael seemed to have stepped in for him in his stud duties just fine.
  • Allan looked at them again, standing a few feet apart from each other and strangely, he didn’t give a shit if they wanted to go at it again once he closed the door. He had a few condoms in his wallet he could give them if they’d run out already. That’s if they were using any.
  • Did they even use any?
  • Allan cursed under his breath. Theresa was conniving enough to plant a pregnancy on him if it meant getting him to the altar.
  • He pulled his wallet from the inside pocket of his jacket. “I didn’t know Michael was in the auction, let alone that his package included a rushed screw in the manager’s office.” He pulled out the five condoms he kept handy in the instances where Theresa decided to jump him in places that weren’t his home or office. He carried his own condoms to her house—he never trusted the woman enough to use hers.
  • Allan chuckled. The woman was calculating. She had more brains than he had ever given her credit for.
  • “Allan, honey—” Theresa began but he silenced her by holding up his hand.
  • “Theresa, you know I don’t like to share, but this is a charity event after all. We need to get the proceedings for the cancer foundation any way we can.” He threw the condoms at her, “You might want to use those from now on. The HIV/AIDS fundraiser is next month if I recollect correctly. And I definitely don’t want to be trapped by any of his bastards.”
  • With that, he bowed out, closing the door because he knew for certain Theresa was going back to bending over that desk despite getting caught.