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Chapter 30

  • Chapter Thirty
  • They stopped in front of a table where three people were already standing. A short, old man with just a little bit of white hair left on his balding head, another man dressed in a white suit, his black hair shiny and slicked back. He looked like the old man—probably his son. Riana didn’t like him on the spot, especially since his gaze perused Allan with contempt.
  • Riana turned to Allan to see if he’d noticed their presence. He had, and he returned the stare with one of his tight smiles but his eyes had a glint in them. Riana knew that look all to well, it spoke of mischief. Allan was up to something. What?
  • Riana trapped her lower lip between her teeth to hide the budding smile and turned to the third person. The lady was beautiful but Riana could already see she was going to have trouble keeping her away from Allan. She leered at him like a bitch in heat! And Allan was doing a damn fine job pretending he didn’t notice.
  • She was wearing a knee high pencil skirt with a slit that stopped close to her crotch. Why wear the damn thing then? Her blouse was no better. It was see through and she wore a red bra to match her high red heels. I mean, why dress at all if she was going to walk around naked anyway?
  • Allan stepped away from Riana but took her hand and kept it in his while he extended the other to the old man.
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