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Chapter 27

  • Chapter Twenty Seven
  • Riana slept the rest of the day away and only woke up at sunset. She seemed disappointed she missed an entire afternoon of touring but Allan was glad she did. She looked better, no longer pale and sickly. When she came out in her flannel pajama bottoms, he noticed she kept pulling it up and holding it at her waist. They had always fit her around her waist before.
  • From the first day, Riana was always eating, trying something new and ordering more if she liked it, especially the pizza and pasta. She’d lost weight recently, and considering the amount of weight she’d gained since Rome, a lot of it. That worried him even more. He plied her with food that evening, hoping it wouldn’t all come up the next morning. He diligently had her take the pills from the dispenser. It made him wonder why she didn’t get a container with labels of what she was swallowing. Riana said the big medical words frightened her, but how tense she got talking about it told him she wasn’t telling the truth, or at least the entire truth. But he didn’t push.
  • She was already falling asleep where she sat at the dining table after dinner. Of course she refused to actually go to sleep a few hours after she’d just woken up, so they moved to the living room and he sat with her and waited for her to nod off so he could carry her to bed.
  • Once he had managed to get her in the bed, they sat close together, Riana tucked in his side, as they watched an Italian movie with English subtitles. It was a comedy and Riana laughed so much it filled the suite like rays of sunshine. It was wonderful and the familiar twinge in his heart was more pronounced as he watched her face light up.
  • He realized he’d missed her laughter those weeks she’d been sick. Now, seeing her like this, it set his mind at ease but did nothing for his erratic heart.
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