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Chapter 13

  • Chapter Thirteen
  • Allan wanted to sigh in relief, but he held back. He wasn’t sure she would agree to it. Hell, Loraine hadn’t given him any hope that she would when she stressed how sweet and innocent she is, nothing like the type of women he had occupy his bed. And when ‘two months’ slipped out, he was sure she was going to say no, but he kept his own startled reaction under wraps.
  • One couldn’t survive in his line of work if they didn’t possess an excellent poker face.
  • He’d done another thing he hadn’t planned—promised to flack off work to show her all of Italy. Allan didn’t like not being present during large takeovers like he knew Casa Italiano was going to be but, for once in his life, he was going to put himself ahead of everyone else, including Melody.
  • Taking care of Melody had been his only interest since their father’s death three years ago. Their mother had died four years before that, leaving their father a shell of who he used to be. Allan always thought the day Rose Sullivan took her final breath was the same day Allan Senior died, too. He only stayed alive long enough to teach Allan the ropes on running Sinclair Enterprises.
  • The day he closed on his first takeover was the day Allan Senior announced he had stage four pancreatic cancer and had no intention of trying to fight it because, ‘he was a lonely sixty-five year old and as much as he loved his children, he wanted nothing more than to join the love of his life.’
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