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Chapter 9

  • Porter was trying to get back to his old self – his despicable-to-Janine self – after being able to be that close to her. He was trying to shake the feeling off because he shouldn’t feel it. He shouldn’t be moved by mere closeness. Heck, he shouldn’t be wavered.
  • He told her that he would wait for her outside because he just couldn’t bring himself to get back to proper breathing, proper heart beating and proper complexion.
  • How could Janine Kwon, the girl that he pisses off every day, be the reason for this feeling?
  • “No, Porter.” He muttered to himself. “It’s just because you haven’t been that close to a girl for long that your heart skipped a beat like that.” He shut his eyes and tried to convince himself.
  • Porter is not the type to party unlike his friends. Well, one, he is not interested and two, he doesn’t like loud places.
  • Porter’s a downright dork and he knows that to himself. He’s a dork for sleep and for books.
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