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Chapter 43

  • Porter cupped her cheeks as he deepened his kiss. Janine couldn’t ask for more. All she needs is L right now. All she needs is to be by his side and everything will fall into place.
  • “Our room is finished, Baby.” He spoke. “Can I take you there?” He asked carefully.
  • Janine looked into his eyes and nodded.
  • Porter smiled and took her hand into his, leading her upstairs to their room. Sure, he just wanted to show her every corner of the house but she’s making it hard for him.
  • They stopped in front of a brown door. Porter smiled at her and turned the knob. “This is going to be our room, Baby.” He spoke as he unveiled the huge room with a king-size bed. The window was huge just like of those castles and palaces in the movies. It is designed. Even without questions, Janine would know that the room is designed.
  • She entered the room and savored the depths of it. “This…” she couldn’t even finish her sentence.
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