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Chapter 32

  • Janine and her mom were busy preparing for the Christmas Eve celebration while Porter and Mr. Kwon were busy fishing in the sea.
  • Janine didn’t expect her parents to be so open and welcome with Porter but at least they are. She doesn’t know how to deal with parents not being okay with a daughter’s friend, anyway.
  • “Does Porter not have a girlfriend?” Mrs. Kwon asked her.
  • Janine paused on making kimbap and looked up to her mother. “He doesn’t.” Because she is the apple of his eyes, Mother. There’s no other woman because Janine is the one.
  • Mrs. Kwon raised her brow. “Is he really that close to you?” She asked her again.
  • Janine suddenly grew nervous. What if her mother notices that there’s something about her and Porter? What would her mother think of her?
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