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Chapter 26

  • Janine woke up with Johann looking at her with a smiling face. She blinked thrice before she realized what had happened the night before.
  • They made love.
  • She gulped as she looked at Johann who’s smiling widely. “Good morning?” She spoke awkwardly. She didn’t know why she is this awkward when the truth is she has been in this kind of situation with him. This isn’t the first time that she woke up with Johann beside her but she felt really uncomfortable.
  • Johann chuckled and kissed the top of her nose. “Good morning, Baby love.” He whispered softly. “I love you.”
  • Janine smiled at him but the truth is, her heart suffocating. She isn’t feeling any good for this. She isn’t feeling good at all.
  • Johann didn’t even notice that she hasn’t replied to his I love you because he is so into missing her. He is missing her. Damn, how could he not when it has been a very long time since he has held her like this?
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