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Chapter 24

  • “Hey, Janine, look at that girl!” Yasmin was screaming at Janine in her whisper as she gawks at a woman who’s their age, wearing some nice clothes and killer heels, come inside their office.
  • Almost all the men inside looked at her with jaws dropped while the girls gawked at her from head to toe.
  • Janine looked at the said woman and there’s something in her head that clicked. Czarina Hwang. She can’t be mistaken. This is Porter’s ex.
  • Czarina looked around and smiled when she saw Janine. She walked to her making Janine cringe and the other employees wonder. “You’re Porter’s workmate, right?” She asked in a tone that Janine didn’t like.
  • Janine nodded. “Do you have an appointment with Mr. Kim?” She asked, not trying to beat around the bush.
  • Czarina chuckled. “None.” She replied. “I just want to visit him.” She expanded.
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