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Chapter 14 : Think before doing something you’ll regret

  • “Should we wake them up?”
  • Yasmin asked Jonas as they watched Janine and L sleeping. Janine’s head is leaning on Porter’s shoulder and Porter’s head is leaning on Janine’s.
  • Yasmin brought her phone out and took a picture of the innocent sleeping people. She smiled widely when she finished capturing this heavenly moment.
  • Porter flitted his eyes open and saw Yasmin and Jonas in front of him, smiling really widely. His eyes widened when he realized the growing weight on his shoulder. He looked at it and he shut his eyes and frowned.
  • Why did his employees have to see this?
  • “Hey, Janine Kwon, wake up.” He shook her a bit. He looked at Yasmin. “She’s sick last night.” He told her. “Do we have some food in the camp?” He asked trying to cover up the awkwardness at their position.
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