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Chapter 12

  • The group was divided into two teams for the games and the tasks. One team is in charge for the cooking and the other group is for looking of food and the logs to be used for fire.
  • Apparently, Janine was feeling really irked off that she had to be in the same team as this arrogant supervisor. She isn’t that choosy to what group she had to be in but this one. She didn’t want to be anywhere near Porter Kim and she knows that everyone in the group knows that too!
  • Yasmin walked to her to ask if she’s alright – probably because Yasmin is not in the same group as her – to be in the same group with her ‘Most Hated Person’.
  • “I’m just going to endure for this weekend.” Janine beamed and Yasmin nodded. To be honest, no matter how much Janine repels, she couldn’t do anything. The grouping was random. It was a fishbowl technique and everyone was a witness of how the draw-lots was done.
  • Yasmin patted Janine’s shoulder and gave her an assuring smile. “I’m sure you’re going to pull through it.” She told her and Janine nodded. “I will.”
  • Right then, the facilitator called their attention and they all gathered around.
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