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Chapter 11

  • “Is everyone here yet?” Porter asked Jonas as the other employees under his department boarded on the bus.
  • Porter’s department would be undergoing their very own Team Building for the weekend. Everyone is so psyched about this – even those girls who were grunting in disapproval when Porter announced the theme of the team building.
  • “Not yet, Sir.” Jonas replied.
  • Porter sighed and clucked his tongue. It was already almost 7AM and they all agreed to meet before 7. “Who else is not here yet?” He asked as he tried to calm himself.
  • Of all the things and traits that Porter disliked, he dislikes tardiness the most.
  • “Manager Kwon isn’t here yet.” Jonas replied as he looked at the employees slowly getting into the bus. He was checking each employee’s presence. “She’s the only one.” He concluded as every employee had boarded the bus.
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