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Chapter 10

  • “What are you doing today, baby love?”
  • Johann was all smiles at Janine as they skyped this early Saturday. They had not talked the night before because Janine got home late due to the shortage of cabs last night.
  • Her shopping with Porter ended at 8PM and she waited until 10PM for a cab because, apparently, there were a lot of people waiting for a cab. For a second, she regretted not asking Porter to drive her home. But on second thought, why would she? More time with L would mean more time to get pissed. Hence, more time to get herself into bad mood.
  • So she waited until 10PM and missed Skype with Johann.
  • Janine chewed on the brownie that her roommate, Henney, baked before leaving for her own Team Building with her department.
  • “Nothing much,” she replied while munching the brownies down. “Maybe I’ll just sleep it off all day to catch up on my sleep-deprived nights.” She grinned.
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