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Her Other Man

Her Other Man

Fantastic Yeoja

Update: 2020-04-22

Chapter 1

  • “I’m not leaving you alone.” Porter hissed at Janine as he pinned her to the wall. His face was just inches from hers. “I’m not leaving you alone when I know you like me too.” He breathed.
  • Janine looked at Porter with hesitation. Does she want this? She didn’t know. All she knew was her heart beats fast around Porter. Her heart thumps loud when he’s close.
  • But this is wrong.
  • “We can’t do this.” She replied with her voice trembling. “I have a boyfriend.” She tried to sound firm and pretend to not be intimidated with Porter’s piercing stare.
  • Porter smirked as he leaned even closer. One wrong move and his lips would reach hers.
  • “Don’t I make you nervous when I lean this close?” He asked her with his eyes owning hers.
  • Janine wanted to look away. She wanted to push him away because that’s the right thing to do. But Porter’s stare was enough reason for her to not think straight.
  • “Janine Kwon,” he breathed. “I am willing to be your other man. I’m willing to be yours even if I know you are not mine.” He closed his eyes and held Janine’s face.
  • “You may tell me to stop looking at you but I can’t. I can’t stop looking at you.” He connected their foreheads. “There are a lot of girls out there. But my problem is,” he paused and looked at Janine’s lips. “They are not you. None of them compares to you.”
  • Then he crashed his lips on hers.