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Chapter 31 : The End.

  • “What’s with the face, Ashejan Araullo?” Julian Paredes is gawking at me with his swagger outfit. Psh. As if he looks good with that thing. He looks like a gangster. No wonder Genina wouldn’t like him no matter what he does.
  • First, he pesters me. Second, he dresses like a gangster. Duh! Who wanted to date a person as mischievous as that? Psh.
  • I rolled my eyes at him. I don’t even know why I am stuck with this person when all he wants to meet is Genina. And where is that woman anyway? I said I needed her and now she’s nowhere to be found. Why would she be not around when I needed her the most?
  • Ugh.
  • “You should smile more, Ashejan,” Julian is really trying to pester me. I glared at him and he snickered. “Oh, come on! Loosen up! Relax!” He beamed raising both of his hands up in the air.
  • One more word and I will really throw this unopened mineral bottle right onto his face. He’s really going to get it. Well, I won’t expect anyone to save me from his bullying from now on. I broke up with Knight. There won’t be a knight in helluva hot spectacles anymore.
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