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Chapter 23 : Safe

  • My relationship with Knight is going smoothly. Sure there are a lot of people who wanted us to breakup or who are putting a deadline on our relationship, we didn’t care. Actually, I care but Knight does everything he could to make me not give a damn.
  • He spends most of his time at school with me. He eats lunch with me and Genina. Sometimes, I eat with him and Serena, who is a little weird because she’s too quiet and I don’t see her that way when she’s alone with Knight.
  • I am not the type who asks her boyfriend to stay away from other girls so, sometimes, I let him eat with Serena alone. After all, they are buddies. They are study buddies and they both love NASA and the galaxy.
  • Sometimes, though, I could see Serena look at me and Knight as we eat alone. It seemed like she didn’t like me for her friend just as how everybody is against my relationship with him.
  • I don’t find it weird though. She might be thinking that I stole her best friend from her because he’s giving me more time now that her. She must be hurting and at some point, it is because of me and my existence in Knight’ life.
  • I tried opening that up with Knight but he told me it’s fine and that I shouldn’t be thinking about it. I don’t know. The more I think to not think about it, the more I think about it. Is that always the case?
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