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  • It had been quite a long while prior to 48 hours ago when John first heard the word 'haul' in the villa. In his over 7 months with the Triangle, he had only heard it twice. What happened to the first haul was out of the scope of his knowledge. He was not privvy to that information, but the second haul... well, there seemed to be more than enough promise that he would see more of it.
  • As he drove Nico through the tall grasses, he wondered why the gang leader hardly ever did business in urban and easily accessible areas. The car was not a jeep and the roads were fit for one. He struggled his way through until he heard the welcome order to stop.
  • They exited the car and came out into the glaring hot sun. The area was isolated except for a large building that looked like a garage. Nico had not ordered him to park close to the building, but rather very far away from it, in the middle of the grasses where the sun had unfettered access to their uncovered heads, but the master spider was least concerned about that, rather he was more focused on peering out over the horizon. He checked his watch and displayed a blank face as usual.
  • A steady hum attracted John's attention. It was a car, a black SUV coming towards them. Another followed closely behind and then another and yet another. Four cars in total making a beeline for the building, passing by John and his boss. The latter counted the vehicles before motioning for John to follow him as he made his way over to where they had now been parked.
  • "Carlos, any issues?", Nico shouted at no one in particular. Suddenly, a car door opened and a bald small statured Latino man jumped out.
  • "No, boss," he squeaked in his small voice. "Everything perfect. Even ahead of schedule."
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