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  • "Glad to have you join us, Mr. Baldwin," Nico smiled as John stepped into the large room.
  • The place was filled with men, a round table in their centre. With Nico at the head, it looked a model of the Round Table of King Arthur and his Knights except that John didn't think someone as cunning, wicked and dangerous as Nico could fit into the role of the legendary king. There was an empty seat near the bottom of the table and John went for it, but Nico shook his head in disapproval and indicated a seat to his left that was also empty.
  • "Henry, when he was with us, used to occupy this seat," he clarified with a stiff smile.
  • John quietly walked over and seated himself at Nico's left. To his chagrin, it was actually Jack Bronco that occupied the seat to Nico's right. As he looked to confirm his identity, Jack glared back at him, but John slowly averted his face with a slight smile. Perhaps Jack had heard of his reunion with Mina. John was feeling high and mighty. He would have loved to sing, but this was hardly the time and place.
  • "Sorry," James mumbled as he rushed into the room, occupying the only other empty seat.
  • He winked at John and then cleared his throat as Nico swept his gaze around, taking in each and every face except those at his immediate right and left. Whenever his gaze reached anyone, they shifted in their seat or acted in any other uncomfortable manner. John could hardly blame them. Nico's imposing presence and personality was something he flaunted freely.
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