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Chapter 55 BOOK 2-5

  • Lyla
  • What happened during the afternoon was traumatic and I can’t even get my mind off it. It was sad seeing Ashley like that and Tunde didn’t deserve any of these things that had happened to him and I feel really bad about everything.
  • After Damon had commanded Ashley earlier, a method that I didn’t feel so comfortable about, I had made sure to stay with her till Dean covered up the hole. She didn’t wail like earlier but I knew she was dying inside. She was swinging both ways even though she was standing and at the end, tears slipped down her eyes uncontrollably.
  • I followed Ashley home afterward and tucked her into bed before leaving. I told her to call me if she needed anything and she just nodded absentmindedly. I was now on my way back home with Blue who I’d promised to pick up from school and drop off at Devante’s since he was living with him for now.
  • “Luna, are you okay?” Blue asked. I looked down at him then smiled to cover up how unhappy and worried I was.
  • “I’m fine, Blue. It’s just a little something on my mind,” I added.
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