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Chapter 40

  • "Like an echo in the wind, love had come to him a second time and he was more than grateful it had. It meant risking again the loss of the woman he loved, but there was no help for it. He could not live without her."
  • ~Regan Walke
  • "Vary?" He calls a little surprised and a little relieved as he shuts the door and tosses his keys on the counter. She's wearing a white gown reaching a little below her thigh, displaying her toned long legs and it takes all Keenan's might to not get distracted by them so he asks, "What are you doing here?"
  • She gets up from the bed and walks towards him, "Trying to make amends."
  • Keenan is puzzled, nevertheless, he does not try to interrupt her, he just listens.
  • She pauses halfway towards him, "I shouldn't have run away the way I did that night and I have blamed you for so long I forgot I also played a part in it.... the greatest part."
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