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Chapter 29

  • "And yes, I’ll admit, I am jealous. I’m jealous of every minute you spend with him, of every concerned expression you send his way, of every tear shed, of every glance, every touch, and every thought. I want to rip him to pieces and purge him from your mind and from your heart. But I can’t."
  • ~Colleen Houck
  • "The dinner was lovely Keenan, I enjoyed myself." Vary tells me as we walk towards the door to her room and she unhooks her arm from mine.
  • After we finished eating, I took Varisha out for a walk on the top of the Royal City restaurant where we spent the next hours talking and getting to know her even better, even little things matter if we are hoping to make this work. I don't want to assume that I know her because I only know twenty per cent and so that assumption would be completely absurd, I'd like to hear from the girl herself.
  • I asked questions while she answered some of my questions about her favourite food, favourite holiday and a little more about her than I already know which was amazing and I have to say I've fallen even more in love with her. It was Vary's idea to return home early in order to get enough rest and be early for work tomorrow and even though I didn't like the idea, I respected her decision.
  • I smile down at her, even though I've gotten too used to her closeness to my body and her pulling away now feels weird. "I'm glad you enjoyed yourself because I did too."
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