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Chapter 19

  • "I miss that feeling of connection. Knowing he was out there somewhere thinking about me at the same time I was thinking about him."
  • ~Ranata Suzuki
  • "She said 'I love you.'" I reply walking away from the window and towards the bed and I sit down next to him.
  • "Your wife proclaiming her affection towards you shouldn't be something that would make you feel this disturbed." If his ignorance hasn't made me feel bad before, it just did.
  • I wouldn't say I blame him though, we haven't been in much contact since I got back. In fact, we haven't really been friends for the last four years, not after he accused me of sleeping with his girlfriend behind his back and broke Taylor's heart. Since I came back I felt hurt by Taylor and I developed resentment towards him, he was the guy that hurt and broke Taylor's heart and he was the one Taylor still chose over me. I kept my distance from them and haven't disclosed much information about himself to Rory well until now.
  • I needed my best friend just as much as he needed me, and I know I have to tell him the truth about everything.
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