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  • After what I heard, I tried to get up even though I was still very weak, even though my head was still very sore and in pain. But, nothing compares to the pain I have felt right now after I heard that my father and the only person I would love to spend the rest of my life is
  • now dead. Waking up like this, knowing that I cannot acquire new memories... and probably deal with this forever and losing the two person I love the most is a nightmare.
  • I hope I just didn't wake up. I wish I had just died.
  • My Mom and sisters just hug me while I was crying. I asked Mom what really happened to me and Klio before I will forget what will happen today.
  • "How did we end up like this, Mom? What really happened?"
  • "I don't really know everything, Leyra. You were supposed to get married the next day but, a day before your wedding...that night I just received a call from someone I don't know. He said that you were brought here to the hospital. There's blood all over your body and too much blood was coming out of your head that causes damages to your brain. I thought you'll be dead that time. While Klio? The officers said that when they arrived at the incident they saw a body who's burned to death," When I heard that I was even more weak. It can't be Klio.
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