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Chapter 47 THE END

  • As we leave Las Haciendas, I take a last glance of it on the side mirror of the car.
  • I am saying goodbye to the place where I found and lost love.
  • I get my photos on my bag. A smile carved on my face the moment I take a look at the photos in my hand. A photo with the Heirs of Atticus and Him, the man my heart choose.
  • My life became a roller coaster ride of emotions because of you guys. I wouldn't hurt like this so much if I never met you, but to tell you, I never regret to be part of your lives. You let me experience to have friends, and I found a family in all of you. You guys save my self in the past. All of you gave me memories I know I would treasure and I thank you for that.
  • I thank you for inspiring me to become strong. I witnessed how you dealt on losing yourself. I really admired how you fought for your life. You always lift your self up from drowning on emotions. Thank you for making me part of your trips in life. I hope one day, we'll both meet on the same destination.
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