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Chapter 42 THE CALL

  • "Please, stay with me." I can vision the blurry face of a man, he was blooded. The distortion of light flickers in my sight. What is happening? I can clearly hear the slow heartbeat of my heart. I am hardly breathing.
  • "Leyra, stay with me. We're near the emergency room. Don't sleep!" A familiar voice of a man spoke, he was crying and he was holding my head. I feel some liquid that is dripping. I cannot clearly seen the man's face. Until I black out.
  • I wake up from a dream. What the fuck did I dream? Is it a dream or a fragments of memory from the past? I diverted my gaze from the old man who's knocking on my window. He looks familiar but I cannot remember who he was. He signaled me to low down the car's window. I put it down.
  • "Ija, what are you doing here? It's late at night, you're still on the road? It's dangerous," his worried language.
  • "Thank you but I'm okay." I smiled. "Have we met yet?" I immediately asked. He smiled at me.
  • "Yes Ija. You may have forgotten about me. I am Señor Vicenzo. I am the one who tattooed those on your body," he told me. "Where's the one who's with you? Krio?" he dded.
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