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Chapter 40 WHO ARE YOU?

  • "Where are we? And, who are you?" I asked the man beside me. I am in his car. We arrived at a mansion. This mansion looks familiar.
  • "Leyra, It's me Krio." He pointed at the mirror inside the car. I saw the tattoo on my neck. Well, I guess he's someone special, because I wouldn't tattoo his name on my neck if he's not special to me. He then grab something from my bag and showed it to me. I smiled when I saw us together in the photo.
  • "Now you know." He chuckled. He's so damn fine with that look plus his dimple showed off.
  • He came down to open the door for me. When I got off, we immediately entered the mansion.
  • "Wait, where are we? This mansion looks familiar. Who owns it?" I asked him while he open the main door of the house, it's so big but no one is living here.
  • "This was your home, Leyra," he said and looked at me. Now it made sense. That's why this house is familiar, it was our house. It feels heavy when I realized I wasn't with my family. Then, I remember Dad.
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