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Chapter 39 DEAL

  • Hyntall face us. I also noticed that his hands were shaking.
  • "Now, that my brother is dead. I want you to leave us alone." My eyes widened when he said that.
  • "What did you say?" I asked him.
  • "You're not part of our family anymore, so I want you to cut ties with us and leave the past behind," he added. My tears started to fall again.
  • "H-how can you say that? Your brother is my fiancé, Hyntall. All of you have a big part in my life. I just can't bury in oblivion all the memories we have, especially what happened to us," I said in anguish.
  • "What you and Klio have is only a memory in the past. He's not with you anymore. You became part of our life for those years and now I'm asking you for our upcoming years to not be part of our life anymore. And, besides you have him," he said while pointing at Krio. "Why can't you cut ties with us? It's just easy, Leyra. You'll just leave and forget us unless you want something from us. What do you want? Mone—" His words cut off when Krio punched him in the face. Ladegeuh and Rivahngare saw everything when they got out. They both come to us.
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