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  • "Leyra, here's your stuff. I secured it." Krio handed me my small bag with photos and notes alongside with the camera. He put it on me because I'm not myself as of the moment. I don't say a word. I still can't believe what happened.
  • We are in the morgue now. I was looking at Riushan's cold body while my eyes were overflowing with tears. I noticed something in his tattoos. I decided to check my photos because I was curious with what I've seen. After a few seconds of checking, I saw a photo of a man, he was holding a mask, I guess I captured it in an abandoned building and the tattoo he has was the same tattoo with Riushan. That justify that he was really part of it? 
  • Suddenly, I remembered something. The guy that killed Klio has a tattoo ring written Anastasia on his finger. Since Riushan has a lot of rings on his fingers, I started to get it.
  • "What are you doing?" Krio asked in astonishment.
  • "The man who's behind all of this, has a tattoo ring of Anastasia. I wanted to know if Riushan has it," I said. When I got the rings, I didn't see any tattoo here. I know I was so eager to know the truth but finding out that Riushan doesn't have it gives relief. It wasn't him who is behind all of this. My tears are overflowing again when I saw us together tattooed in his shoulder. Riushan really valued me.
  • "It wasn't him," I said and gazed at Krio. He just nodded and hugged me.
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