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  • "Leyra, let's go." Krio hold my hand too tight. I can feel the coldness of his hand.
  • "Wait!" I stopped him. I poked the woman in front of me, she turned around. "Excuse me, what is happening? Who did this?" I asked her.
  • "I don't know. We're just passing by and this is what we saw. Well, they kind of deserve it," she said and left. Everyone is chattering. Then the others left as if nothing had happened. As if killings are just normal to them.
  • "Why are you guys just leaving, as if you saw nothing happened? They were just tortured!" I exclaimed with a loud voice, their attentions were shifted on me.
  • "Leyra, what are you doing?" Krio whispered in astonishment.
  • "Do you think that's inhuman?" I asked Krio and I was so confused.
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