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  • I opened my eyes and I was kissing a man I forgot his existence.
  • "Who are you?" I calmly asked. I wasn't shocked because I wouldn't kiss a guy for no reason. And besides, my heart's extremely beating as if it was a deep waves of an ocean; raging but in serene.
  • "Krio, the man who promised you love," he said.
  • "What? Really?" I asked, I was confused.
  • "Yes." His smile looks like it'll reached his ears, his dimple show off. He get the video recorder and handed it to me.
  • "This is the witness of our I love you's. You can watch it. Everything is in there." I picked it up and he sat on the lawn. I watch it and forward it in a few minutes. I never finished the video, my heart already knew who he was.
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