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Chapter 16 UNLOCK

  • I'm so exhausted now. It's been an hour and Krio and I have been sitting here for a while, facing each other. The coat he lent me of course I used it to cover my lap, he might see something undesirable. We don't even know what to do and what will happen to us. No clues anymore. I'm just staring at him, he looks calm but I can feel he's anxious because of his sweats even if it's cold in here but actually he's looking so damn fine while he's brushing his hair with his hands and weird because the more I stared at him the more he looks like someone I forgot.
  • "Does your eyes already captured an aesthetically pleasing look?" he asked so I averted my eyes a bit.
  • "What?" I asked him. What does he say? This man also is overconfident.
  • "Am I too handsome to handle?" he asked confidently and smirked. I smiled.
  • "Can I slap you?" I told him. He smiled back at me.
  • "The only person who can slap me is the woman I would want to marry." I was a little quiet at what he said.
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