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Chapter 14 A CODE

  • It's dark in here. I was blindfolded. I feel a sudden discomfort. It doesn't seems right.
  • "Take off your blindfolds." I heard the voice of this man speaking. We have removed our blindfolds. Now we are in a room, looks like a library, so many books and all the items are antiques, there is also paintings. I looked at the surroundings since it's big, there's also a wine cellar. And, there's a huge tapestry hanging on a wall on the center with a 'La Caza Al Risiota' weave on it.
  • "Where Am I? Why am I here?" I asked this people inside of this room. I was also a bit hysterical. I don't remember anything. Everyone is looking at me now.
  • "WHY ARE YOU GUYS JUST STANDING RIGHT THERE? SOMEONE ANSWER ME!" I shouted, and while I was panicking I suddenly hit a woman and she fell on the floor.
  • "SHIT! WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?" she yelled at me.
  • "I'm sorry." My conscience told her and she took a bottle of wine from the wine cellar, she opened it and poured it on me. She took another bottle and was about to pour it on me when suddenly someone grabbed her arms and restrained her.
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