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Chapter 7

  • The reason for the pull... there it was. A man, right there in flesh and blood.
  • Memories of two nights ago flood back to me instantly and I can’t help it. Especially knowing that the one who ignited such feeling that night was the same person I have set my eyes on.
  • Crazy how I could tell it was him despite not having a very good look at him the night. I just know it is none other than him, and this time I have to get to him. We probably need to talk about why I was being affected by a strange feeling while he seems not to care.
  • I walk over to where he is which is right on the edge of the part of the balcony. And from there I could tell it was facing a huge part downhill. The woods, obviously as nothing more than the greenery could be seen beyond. He was alone, so it was apparently going to be convenient for me to strike a conversation with him.
  • “Hey,” I utter to catch his attention which seemed to be focused across me. I felt too nervous, though, and it also was like a first for me because I was always firm in situations like this. Don’t know what happened this time around.
  • Slowly, he turns his head to look at me and I got a perfect display of what he looked like. A face with a strong jaw, clearly from someone that works out a lot. His face said something about someone who could be reserved and not be at the same time, and I think I like it that way.
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