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Chapter 59

  • SOMA:
  • I do not have it in me to do it. I tried but I cannot see myself killing my brother. Not even a bit. No matter the amount of rage fueled in me, there is a major part of me that still acknowledges him as my blood. So, no, I won’t do it.
  • He must be surprised to see that he isn’t dead yet. Especially when he opens his eyes to look at the sword dug right into the ground beside him. It was at the last second that I changed the course of direction or else he would have been long gone now.
  • I stand upright, pulling up the sword from the ground alongside. My eyes are closed as I take in a deep breath to relax my nerves. I must have hit an adrenaline rush by now with the rate at which I took the fight with him.
  • “What’s stopping you? Why don’t you just kill me?” Harold's voice interrupts my brief peaceful state. He sounds like he is in distress. Almost as if he cannot take what is happening to him.
  • “I want to, Harold. But unlike you, I still have a little sympathy left in me. I’m not going to let you die because I’m consumed by my emotions,” I tell him while reflecting on a few things.
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