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Chapter 57

  • SOMA:
  • A closer look at me and you would know how much concentration I have fallen into. Although I have not shut my mind completely from the outside world, I can hardly hear anything ongoing around me. That’s if there is any.
  • It would probably be the fifth time I would be in this state of position since I got the gear back from Leonard. And the usefulness that Leonard wanted to know about has not been maximized yet. I’m sure it would in no time.
  • At the moment, I feel so confident. Much more confident than I was a day ago when I first opened my eyes to this hellhole. Much more confident than when I realized my brother has destroyed the image of the family bloodline. Even more confident when my mate proved to be as insecure as ever.
  • I have this glee in me that something worthwhile was about to occur and I am in full preparation for it. I just want to set my mind to it and hopefully, it would work.
  • “Soma...”
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