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Chapter 56

  • SOMA:
  • “Did being a Black Lotus fill a void in your heart? A void that no one else knew was there?” I was tempted to ask and so I do. It was mostly out of sentiment that I proceeded with that minutes later because I had to let him dwell in his regrets. There was no doubting how bad he feels about his action.
  • He turns around to stare at me in disgust. And to be honest, it made me feel like shit. “Why do you care?” he asks. “It’s not like you were not blessed to be outstanding in all things while I was not. So don’t come at me trying to make it seem like you’ll understand how I feel.”
  • “Have you always had a problem with me? I didn’t ask for any of this for me,”
  • “That... That right there is the problem I have with everything. You got all of that without requesting but it was given to the wrong person. You are the wrong person, Soma. And no matter how you try to look like you deserve it all, you don’t. It only became worse when I was forced to forget the idea of being the Alpha. Made me realize what ill luck I have,”
  • If I say I know what else to say, I would be deceiving myself because right now my head is blank. I can’t think of the proper words to put together so that he would at least hear what I have in mind. It kind of sucks real bad that I am face-to-face with a situation that is beyond me.
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