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Chapter 47

  • SOMA:
  • “Hmph, new hair,” Leonard comments as I make my way to the front where he is seated alongside several warriors that I can hardly make out their identity. There is also Zane who, to me, isn’t dressed like he is accompanying us on the mission.
  • “Yeah,” I say as I bend with a knee to the ground to lace my booth for the umpteenth time. I don’t know the reason I still haven’t gotten it right.
  • “Black sure looks good on you. But why did you have to dye your hair black now?”
  • As much as I want to facepalm myself for how stupid that sounds, I still have to finish the lacing of my booth so I keep it in me. But when I stand upright eventually, I shake my head in disappointment. Really disappointed that Leonard would even make such a ridiculous statement.
  • “Leonard,” I start by calling his name in a manner that reverences my disappointment, “You already know what we are going for. It’s a mission that would require us to hide if the need be. So how do you expect me to go with a red color flashing on me? Are you wishing for my instant death?”
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