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Chapter 45

  • SOMA:
  • “The Black Lotus,” Tyrone says and then looks over at every one of us circled around the round table, landing his gaze on me eventually. “We think that is the group that wreaked havoc on this pack yesterday. And not that we are thinking about it anymore, we might have as well concluded that it is their doing,”
  • The first thing I do when he released the information to the round table is to first have a look at the rest of them to get their reaction... apart from Tyrone himself.
  • Hailey, Leonard, and Zane the head warrior all had the same reaction — neutral. Probably because they were informed already about how this meeting was supposed to go. Mark, instead, gave out a little twitch. That, I was able to observe as he was seated beside me.
  • Well, they all gave out something one way or the other. Now it is left with me. “And what group is that?” I suddenly say, and the reactions from every one of them put me into further confusion.
  • “The Black Lotus?” it is Tyrone who asks that.
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