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Chapter 44

  • SOMA:
  • “Where did you say he is?” I ask Mark after we get to the living area but realize it is empty of people. Thought we would find him there.
  • “He’s outside,” Mark says, and I nod in response as we continue to walk, this time to the main entrance of the building.
  • I’m a little bothered about Tyrone being here, especially after knowing that it hasn’t been long since I left his territory. I can confidently say nothing would warrant him coming at me for the issue with his pack. At least not on the negative side. Still one has to be wary.
  • Another problem is how presentable I look at the moment. Can’t say I’m well dressed to meet with a fellow leader. I should be in the best of outfits to probably look more presentable than this to paint a better picture of me to him. But this moment was critical. If not Tyrone, whom I know has never been to the Blood Crescent pack since I took up the role of Alpha, would not be here.
  • Eventually, all three of us — yes, Cassie is with us — eventually get to the entrance of the building and Mark does us the honor of opening the door. Upon getting out of the building, we are met with Tyrone and his warriors. A little too much I must say.
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