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Chapter 43

  • SOMA:
  • I have proof that he is alive. It wasn’t enough smelling his scent off the piece of clothing I saw on the floor, but at least, it gave me a clue about his existence. And the feeling, the bond that I should say pulls me toward him, was still there. Faint, but still functioning.
  • Even with no idea of his whereabouts until I left the premises of the Dark Moon territory, I already have something figured out. And it is to start to look for a means of saving him myself no matter the cost that it takes. I’m going to make whoever caused this disaster pay in double folds.
  • ‘Cassie! Get my weapons ready. I’m almost at the quarters,’ I apparently yell into the link with my sister as I drive to the main quarters of our pack.
  • ‘What do you need them for?’ she throws back a question at me.
  • ‘Just get them ready,’ and I block off the link because I do not need a distraction from her. I know what she can do. She mostly likes to bug, especially in a situation where I do not need it.
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