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Chapter 36

  • LUIS:
  • Asides from the fact that I chose to come to see Soma today without much of a reason established, I might be here to break down a piece of terrible news to her. And it’s more about my well-being once again.
  • I know I shouldn’t be doing this same cowardly act over and over again — for sure I’m a coward now — but I can’t help it.
  • Soma’s relationship with me has been going well. She has been frequenting my pack over the weekends to train the Luna, although she made it clear that I am the reason because it should be the Luna going to her pack for the training and not vice versa. However, I took it in good faith with a lot of looking outs to ensure no one sees us together.
  • She’s going to be devastated once again. She will be utterly disappointed in me after hearing my newest flimsy excuse. I know she will. And the contrasting feeling is eating me up.
  • “Sir, are you okay?”
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