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Chapter 35

  • SOMA:
  • A weird thing I did today was to park my ride by the entrance of the territory and then go into the woods to transform into my spirit wolf. Pretty weird because of the timing. Why didn’t I just take my ride to the main quarters and then do what I wanted to do? I can be so messed up sometimes.
  • But the feeling that came with me bringing out Rainia after a very long time didn’t let me think things through and so I just went along with the flow. I’m certain the warrior guards must think I’m crazy after seeing me suddenly jump out of my car and then instruct them to get it sorted for me.
  • Rainia had been so delighted when I finally let her out right in the woods. But first I had taken my clothes off to prevent them from ruining in the process of the transformation. They were perfectly good materials that I paid a lot of bucks for.
  • The cheerful howl from a yellowish-white wolf had been the first thing that filled the air the moment the transformation became complete. Another howl followed before she started to paw on the ground in delight.
  • Yellowish white? That was the closest thing to a superior wolf which was a pure white. If I had attained that, I could be instilled with godlike abilities as a wolf. But even with the color I got, I could stand my ground against anyone.
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