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Chapter 34

  • LUIS:
  • Leaving the land area into the woods uncleared is the most unwise decision made by the Alpha. Probably no one has complained to him about it. But without it being mentioned to him, he should have noticed it already himself. At least he frequents the woods.
  • Because of the Alpha’s negligence, I have to make sure I walk really fast while going through the woods at present. If I had the super vision that most of the others have, I’m sure it would be a different scenario. But right now, I can only force myself to try to embrace the low area I can cover with my vision.
  • I’m in here to train. Training has been the better part of me for years now. It’s the only way I can feel worthy of being a wolfling that already knows he’s got no chances of being like the others. Although it is a bother for me, I still ensure to do what I can do to make myself stronger every passing day.
  • The woods is mostly where I get the required privacy from. I mostly need time away from the outside world. A time when no one would get to see me do my thing. The woods gave me all of that.
  • Lately, I realized I have been slacking in my movements and other things. I used to be a dangerous game but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. And no, I don’t like it. So I need to improve myself in every aspect. At least a way for me to keep on challenging all those who think they can easily best me down because I’m wolfless.
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