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Chapter 33

  • SOMA:
  • “You kissed him or he kissed you?” Cassie throws a sort of confusing question at me, earning a twitch on my face.
  • “I don’t get you,” I say.
  • “I want to know who made the first move between you two. Did he do it? Or did you do it?”
  • I press on the pillow I have under my left arm while still trying to figure out what she’s trying to drive at with her statement. “Does it make a difference if it was me who made the first move or him?” I quiz, shrugging alongside.
  • “It does, Soma. In a whole lot of ways. Kissing him first means you’re desperate to have him knowing fully well he has not made a decision about what the two of you share. But if it’s him who made the first move, then he’s starting to acknowledge the bond. Which, I will say, is a green light there,”
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