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Chapter 31

  • SOMA:
  • He didn’t expect it, no. Because if he did, he wouldn’t be this surprised enough to even gape at me. Thought he was trying to act dominant here before.
  • I sit upright soon after while staring at him acting all surprised still. Beats me that a grown-muscled man like him could actually be this affected by words that could end up being insincere.
  • “You didn’t mean what you said, did you?” he asks, which I know was a little forced because he’s trying to compose himself.
  • “Every word... I meant it.” I tell him, mostly because I have it in mind to taunt him a little. “Haven’t you got no experience in this? You’re acting like it’s your first proper night out with a lady,”
  • He finally looks like himself once again. The same neutral vibe came exuding from him once more and I bloody love it. “I do have one or two experiences. Just not as—”
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