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Chapter 30

  • SOMA:
  • The serenity — yes, that’s what I like about where I’m in. Feels divine and every other satisfying word I can use to quantify this place.
  • Music hitting out solemnly from obviously a jukebox. Nah, jukeboxes because the effect seems to be from more than one despite the solemness of it all. The activities of people trying to get their night kicked off with a meal or two alongside their partners, as well as the waiters and waitresses trying to meet up with the demand of the clients — that was everything about my location.
  • Not for a long talk, because I’ve affirmed now that I’m in a restaurant. And like every other client, I was with a partner. To sum it up, I was brought here on a date which I would say is the first in years.
  • Came like a shock to me in some way when I received a call from Luis yesterday stating he would like to take me out for dinner so we could have a time out together for the very first time. He actually came with the quote, ‘let’s see where this leads us’.
  • I had jumped on it immediately after the request because I sure as hell was not planning on losing out on a date with the man that I’ve set my mind on now. And what even made me more surprised was when he brought me here because this was a little expensive. He should have taken my words when I told him that I do not do expensive.
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