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Chapter 17

  • SOMA:
  • Should I be worried about the fact that he just said he has no spirit wolf? Or is he trying to pull my legs here? Definitely not the latter because we haven’t known each other enough to warrant him trying to play games with me in such an important circumstance like this.
  • Nothing about his expression says he was even attempting to joke around. He looked dead serious as I have always known him to be, although today, he has shown me more than one emotion to know he could also react to things like every other people.
  • I wasn’t going to allow the curiosity of wanting to know what he meant by that statement to eat me up so I ask, “What do you mean you don’t have a spirit wolf? Aren’t you a little older than eighteen?”
  • “I am..” he says instantly.
  • “How old are you then?”
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