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Chapter 14

  • “Where are you coming from, Soma?”
  • Startled, I move back, almost tripping as a result. I was never expecting what just happened. Why would I be expecting to find out that there’s someone in my room in the first place?
  • The only reason I have not freaked out or anything yet is because I have recognized the voice already. And yeah, I could see who it is as well now but that does not change the fact that I’m annoyed as hell now.
  • “How did you get into my room?” I ask in the least suppressed tone I could muster in order not to find myself yelling at him — Mark — as I enter into the room. And as for the door, I shut it close the moment I was in it.
  • “Wherever you went to must have been so important that you actually forgot to lock your room,”
  • “Oh,” Now that was a realization about what I’ve done. And yeah, I never expected to find out now that I actually forgot to lock up before heading out.
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